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New Single Release! RELEEEEEEEASE

Started the song sometime late winter, and couldn’t finish it with more apt timing.  The original song is by Big Scary, and they are a lovely pair, just let me tell YOU.

I highly recommend giving their album “Four Seasons” a look before dancing too much to ma blurbs, though the dancing shouldn’t last very long, so if you want to get that out of the way in lieu of more serious actions, I completely understand and blush a little bit.


There will always be more bugs to draw, and detail yet to see.

Pick a single, any single.

"You’re a quack"

"You’re a quack"

Who’s ready for a single?
Me, scrugglin’ to not release all my music the moment it gets done
Fluffy Bugs - Kelley's Nailgun
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jus str8 killinit w/ da nailgun

Back to the strange, and almost to post-production once again.

Fluffy Bugs - Butterfly Suggestion
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I bought a Chinese Christian cassette tape (or CCCT for short) at a goodwill ‘round home, and let it simmer on a low gas flame until I could secure a tape player to sample it.

Reason #579 to love sisters:

They attract the quirkiest gadgets out of sheer cuteness radiation.

Which as a brother, means you are completely entitled to their unquestioned use.

This is the first of many samples to come, and OH WHAT AN ALBUM.  Reminds me of growing up in a 90’s Baptist church with liturgy written by Chairman Mao.

Which definitely happened.

Jennifer Sullivan had a megaphone at Bonnaroo, so I drawed it.

Jennifer Sullivan had a megaphone at Bonnaroo, so I drawed it.

I ran out of black and green…

I ran out of black and green…

2012: The summer of graffiti.

Starring: The first mural I ever burned  kinda’ half-heartedly put under a bridge

"The Machine of My Demise"

Ballpoint Pen and Ink


"Mind Made Up"

Ballpoint Pen and Ink

2013 (Rofl)


Ballpoint Pen and Ink, Collage

2013 (Oh cram, what a face)

"The Machine of My Demise" was started almost exactly a year ago when I was trying to detox every addiction in my utility belt.  I’ve been working on it steadily when I am inspired by likewise hellish moods.  The other two were dug out of my portfolio when I suspected I hadn’t scanned them in yet.  They’re lovely drawings that still make me smile and think, then frown and put my coffee down, but their style is almost dead.

Fluffy Bugs - Mercury Theatre
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Been a second since an audio drop, but the new album is nearing post-production, which means less time for everything in the entire world, including meals, hydration, sleep (nothing new), art, construction, priestly duties, live model nude performance art, synchronized swimming, Walkie-Talkie practice, instilling unrest among the proletariat, distilling moonshine among the proletariat, and especially not wearing overalls.

Still enjoying myself though.

Sample is from Orsen Wells “War of the Worlds”.  I love this record, it’s gorgeous, darling, just gorgeous.  

Will Lewis - Surfing on a Rocket (Orchestral)
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Much too grand to be my melody, but it’s almost done…

Making wishes and whatnot.

Making wishes and whatnot.

Anatomy portfolio, with emphasis on the skeletal study that WASN’T stolen.